Equine and Canine Displays

Kuchina Junior on Surte Taking a bow. (Curtesy bow one knee)Rider and horse

A wave goodbye from Kuchina and CompanyStallion rider and girlThese pictures are from some of our shows.


A Unicorn workingUnicorn at work

Kuchina Johnson

Display rider, Equine & Canine trainer

Display rider
   CasanovaII, display horse

Don't just stand there! Come and see some of the most highly trained horses on the planet, in the form of Kuchina Johnson's Dancing horses (strictly the best come-dancing.) appearing at a venue, hopefully, near you in the coming year. fully registered equine and canine trainer Kuchina is the only trainer to combine magnificent stallions majestic mares and multi- talented gelding and dogs for stage screen and showground displays you will get to see some of the family's many animals at shows & events around the UK.(Check local press for details) Beautiful highly trained horses giving you displays of youth, beauty, power and experience. Youth is supplied by Kuchina junior and Phoebe Johnson, Beauty by her stunning palomino mare, Chardonnay, power by top display stallion Nico and experience by Kuchina Johnson, who is available to answer your questions. There will also be displays on how the west was won! showing the interaction between animals and humans giving and utterly mesmerising display of equine and canine wizardry being both entertaining and informative and still the only one of its kind anywhere.

Kuchina specialises in giving live displays at Country shows, horses and dogs can also be hired individually for photoshoots, advertising, promotions, live displays and film work. Weather its a horse sitting in the queue for the Harrods sale or a dog walking on its hind legs down the cat walk or playing dead on stage. Even with a horse laying down and a dog jumping over, its been done by Kuchina Johnson's amazing equine and canine display animals! If you can think of it Kuchina Johnson's horses and dogs can do it.

HorseTotally unique Equine displays by Kuchina Johnson.

The family offer magnificent stallions, Majestic mares & multi-talented geldings & dogs, All combined to give three totally different displays. The most popular at the moment is Kuchina Johnson's dancing horses, A display of strictly the best come dancing. Kuchina's horses combine all classical movements such as schooled walk, half pass, full pass, piaffe, flying changes, also change leg every step (skipping horse) the rocking horse gallop, Spanish walk ( High marching) standing pirouettes, canter pirouettes, lavade, bow salute & wave goodbye to the crowd. & that is just one of the displays. For more details about our displays please see our Displays section. Where we describe in detail our numerous displays.


A memorable occasion

Without doubt the highlight of last year was working with Claire Balding of Olympic fame among many other things, on the photo shoot for her article in the Daily Mail. She has long been associated with things

Claire front page
Equine and loved working with our horses. We had a smashing time and enjoyed every minute. Here is a link to the Daily Mail article. (click here for link to article). Also look at the Gallery page for 2016.


This years Gallery for 2017

This years theme is "Past to Present". We have included a few pictures from a rare family day out and some lovely pictures taken in a Bluebell Wood as well as some of the horses. Hope you enjoy.