Equine and Canine Displays

Horse Fact File

Name: Nico
Breed: PRE StallionNico
Quirks: Sometimes its hard to get him not to show off especially his extended trot he knows he's the best at it! Also, he likes Lemons.
Tricks: Most high school movements plus praying mantis bow (two knees) yawns on cue when you say "what do you think of Pony magazine so far?"
Colour: Metallic Gray.


Name: Surte
Breed: Lusitano cross Thoroughbred Gelding. Surte
Quirks: hungry horse, would eat himself to death if I allowed him.
Tricks: Multi talented! He can do the most advanced high school movements I.E change leg every step and canter pirouettes. Also lay down and sit up, liberty work. Salute, wave. This list could be endless...
Colour: Gray, black mane and tail.


Name: Chardonnay.
Breed: Arab cross-quarter horse Mare. Chardonnay Quirks: Likes to have the radio on. Tricks: She is the first horse anywhere to have a speaking part in a display as she will neigh on Que. She also plays dead and bursts balloons with her hoofs. Canter sideways, she can also spin on a dime and give you 50 cence change. She has been trained as a true neck raining horse I.E she is ridden without a bit and takes her aids from the touch of a rein either from the left or the right of the neck. Of course, she takes a bow.

Colour: Palomino.


Name: CassonovaII
Breed: PRE Stallion. CassonovaII Quirks: Always shakes his head after you brush his mane as he wants you to do it again. Tricks: This horse can stand on its hind legs for what seems like an eternity. High schooled movements. Colour: Pure white (gray).


Name: Magnum
Breed: Hispano Stallion. Magnum Tricks: schooled walk, Portuguese trot, step back and take a royal bow (this where the horse stretches out and places its head between its knees) Colour: Copper Rone. Magnum is currently working in Ireland.


Name: Adalaide.
Breed: PRE/arab-quarter horse mare CassonovaII is the sire and Chardonnay is the dame. Adalaide Quirks: In to everything, wants to know what everyone is doing and finds Nico fascinating. Tricks: None! she is now fully trained as a show horse (this means she do the high school work as well as some stunt work) and perform on her own. She is currently working in Ireland. Colour: golden Dunn.

About Us

Here is an interview with Kuchina, recently published in Pony magazine.



How did you first get into training your horses to do the moves?

I had a goat, yes a goat when I was a young girl and I trained it to half past, stand on a tub, walk on its hind legs which was very easy as it was very greedy.

Where did your love of horses come from?

I was born with it. As most people are I think. What training do you need to do before a display? Horses need to be trained for 3 Years for a top display horse, though we usually introduce them to arenas after 1 Year, along side a school master.

What tricks can each of your horses do?

The list is endless! If you can think of it, at least one of the horses can do it.

Do you ride as well?

Yes of course.

Do your horses still get hacked out etc?


Yes, we ride one and lead the other, and on the way back we change over. That we can exercise double the amount of horses.

How often do you train?

5 days a week for horses in training, 3 for established horses.

What are your top tips for training?

Take your time, if in doubt leave it out.

What breeds do you prefer?

There is not one breed I do not like, I have trained everything from a Shetland to a Shire.

Where do you do your displays?

If we are asked to appear we will try our very best to attend although time and money rules us all.

How do you train your horses?

The three C's... Commitment, Compassion and Common sense! And of course lots of time.

Do you need any specialist equipment?

None at all, though I am a great believer in tip bits. I see no harm in giving the horses a treat or two or three...

What’s your favourite trick to do?

Its not really a trick, more of a war move. As when we get the horses to canter sideways it knocked over your enemy in vast amounts.

Where did your horses come from?


Over the past 12 years I have had young horses from Spain, Portugal, France, all over England and we have three of our own bred horses in training.

What’s the difference between display horses and stunt horses?

Collection. Without this you cannot achieve such moves as Piaf, change leg every step, extended trot etc.

What other animals do you train (names etc of the dogs)?

We have two top display dogs, Jessie and Clint.

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