Equine and Canine Displays

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Horse and riderTop display stallion 'Nico'

Kuchina Johnson

Our Equine and Canine Displays

Kuchina Johnson knew from a very young age that she had a connection with animals, As her parents wouldn't buy her a Bengal Tiger, a goat would have to do. That, they say is history & also a very long time ago. Kuchina now specialises in giving live displays at country shows, steam rallies, equine events, game fairs & even the school fate. If the family are asked to appear they will try there very best to attend. The family offer magnificent stallions, Majestic mares & multi talented geldings & dogs, all combined to give three totally different displays. The most popular at the moment is Kuchina Johnson's dancing horses. A display of strictly the best come dancing. Kuchina's horses combine all classical movments such as schooled walk, half pass, full pass, piaffe, flying changes, also change leg every step (skipping horse) the rocking horse gallop, Spanish walk ( High marching) standing pirouettes, canter pirouettes, lavade, bow salute & wave goodbye to the crowd. & that is just one of the displays.

Horses at war displayHold on to your hat's

Next up is the legend of Bodacia where Kuchina's Portrays the horses side of war, and as well of training her horses to stamp on the roman's heads ( in this case balloons filled with fake blood) they have to canter sideways, to avoid the Roman's blades and of course the horses have to play dead. The emphasis of this display historical - horses at war, reminding at onlookers that the blood of horses as well as the blood of humans were shed. This is a very dramatic display. But also a very heartbreaking tale of a woman at war. Where, we all know there is NEVER any winners at war. The third display, is the only one of it's kind anywhere! With her horses dogs & family, Kuchina, gives an insight into how the west was won!It was not just guns & arrows, but horses dogs and other live stock that played a big part in daily life.

Mare and foleChardonnay and foal Adelaide

The Indians were the first to teach there horses to lay down on command. This meant they could half the size of there horses in an instant. Thus hiding from the cavalry, behind rocks cacti and even sand dunes. Soon, the same Indians were on the cavalry's pay roll, teaching their horses in the same way. But the cavalry used there horses, as a shield to shoot from behind. The horses taking the bullet in the name of duty. Although the cavalry had a job to do, they respected the Indians rapport with all the animals. They wondered how they used to train wild dogs, to lay in circles drawn into the sand, & not to move until they were given the signal, to guide the horses through vast deserts & meet the Indians on the other side, homesteaders were soon to settle, cattle by the thousands to roam the plains, & White man & red skin needed to get along. You have to remember the only thing they had in common, were the livestock. Indians would only kill a buffalo for food and clothes, they could not understand the white men's obsession with so called killing for sport.

Our dog Good Bye from Us

A horse given to a boy as a foal, would last him into manhood & speed him away from any dangers. Horses and dogs rarely changed hands and only in death were man & beast parted. All this history and display is bought to the public eye by kuchina Johnson & her family, and of course the seven horses & four dogs who Kuchina very proudly says, She does not own them, they own her.

Bowing horse Palomino, Royal bow