Equine and Canine Displays

We hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from the past year. Unicorns are the flavor of the month or year. We hope you agree that the horn is quite realistic.

Kuchina Johnson

Gallery 2018

A good year for Unicorns.

Very majestic
Happy Christmas
The year to be a Unicorn.
Gold Finger (or should that be Horn)
Strutting Unicorn. What next?!
Is that a Carrot I see?
All in a days work.
All in the next days work...
And the same to you!!
Pegasus eye view of where Nico king of the Unicorns lives.

Straight from the Unicorns Mouth

As you can see the Unicorn theme has continued into this year. We hope you enjoy these particularly good pictures. The horn looks so realistic. No animals were hurt in the making of this picture!