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Phoebe with a quick costum change.Girl in Spainish dressMagnum a Hipso Stallion in the snow.Horse from the showMore MagnumHorse in the snow

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Phoebe with a new costume after a quick change.Girl in Spainish dress
All in a days work.

Kuchina Johnson

Reference from Plumpton College.

all photos below were taken on may 2010 at Plumpton Open day
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Subject: Performance at Annual Open Day
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 10:17:19 +0100
From: James.Hibbert@plumpton.ac.uk
To: kuchina_johnson@hotmail.co.uk


Just to confirm that I have 100% happy with the displays that you've provided for us in the last 3 years. You have fully met our expectations and I'm happy for you to forward this email to any prospective client.


James Hibbert

Student and Residential Services Manager

Tel: 01273 892037
Fax: 01273 890071

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Plumpton College, Ditchling Road, Nr Lewes, BN7 3AE. Tel: 01273 89045

References from some other Clients

Dear Kuchina,

thank you for attending Step back in time show 2010. The displays that you, your family, your horses and dogs create are magnificent. By attending our show you have created a special arena event, not only for the committee, but the public alike. I am told that a lot of people attended the show, not just local, but from long distances just to see your horses and dogs perform at the show. You only have to watch and see how many people stop and see your animals entering the arena and they do not leave until you do. A true asset to any show to say the least. You are certainly very popular with all ages. yours faithfully,

Step back in time committee. (Kuchina has attended our shows 08, 09 and 010.

Highclear Castle

Dear Kuchina

RE: your display at highclere castle May 2012

Just a note to say my family and I had a great weekend, we came on saturday and we were due to go to the beach on sunday, but when we went home and told our friends that we saw a dog jump over a horse and then sit on its back; we came on Sunday just so we could show them and see it again.

Highclear rear

Enjoyed all aspects of the show, but without a doubt you were our favourite. And is this display at Parham Park ? Thanks for such a great and certainly the most unique display that we have ever seen.

Tracy York and family :) p.s your dancing horses were spectacular .

Hadlow College

Thank you Kuchina on the behalf of Hadlow College. I would like to offer our sincere thanks for your contribution to making our college country Fayre & open day such a huge success. Your participation at the event was extremely appreciated and we have received many expressions of gratitude for a great day out, both from visitors and the staff and the students. Beautiful horses, beautiful displays. Thank you so much for your hard work. Your dedication to your horses and dogs & entertainment value shines through your displays. We hope you enjoyed the day and we look forward to seeing you again.

Kind regards, all the team at Hadlow College.

Crowland show committee

Dear Kuchina, On behalf of the Crowland show committee I would like to thank and congratulate you on the the superb displays that you and your family performed for us at the Crowland Show. The professionally orchestrated routines and loving interaction between riders and animals was a joy to watch. The colour and spectacle of your event was received with evident enthusiasm by the large crowd attending the show. May I and the committee wish you all continued success in the future and hope to see you again next year.

Yours Sincerely Gordon Benstead. [Chairman]

Essex Country Show

Dear Kuchina, Peter and I would like to thank you very much for attending the Essex Country Show. We have been inundated with comments from the public concerning your show; and feel your popularity amongst the public is worthy of a note, your display was found to be most fascinating and very enjoyable. We take this opportunity to thank you once again for you involvement and I hope that you enjoyed the weekend as much as your spectators did.

Yours Sincerely Joanna Philpot.

Our dogs on Surte

Sandy Fisher

Dear Kuchina, Thankyou for two of the most entertaining and informative displays of equine and canine wizardry we have ever seen. For the thirty five minutes that you were in the arena the audience were truly spellbound by you and your horses and dogs, Who also hung onto every word that you said. Can't wait to see you and your amazing horses and dogs again.

Yours Truly, Sandy Fisher and family.

World Horse Welfare

Dear Sir/Madam, Kuchina Johnson along with her display attended our Summer Extravaganza event at World Horse Welfare Hall Farm in Snetterton, Norfolk on the 7th July 2013. The displays involved one Stallion, one Mare, two geldings and two dogs. All the animals were very well behaved in the barn where they were stabled along with lots of other horses that were involved in the event and then in the main arena during the display and afterwards when they meet the public. The stallion was lead around before and after the event just in his head collar at times and at no point did he prove to be uncontrollable or dangerous in anyway. If I can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards Maxine Langley-Cooper Centre Promotions Officer World Horse Welfare Hall Farm 01953 499100/07801 880201.

selindge steam & country show

This is just to confirm that you have been attending our Steam Rally since 2002 - 2013 not every year - but a number of years. During that time your horses and dogs have behaved impeccably and have loved the audience. As you know, you usually perform for two half-hour sessions per day, over three days and we have never had any problems with the horses - in fact, of course, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you perform at our events..
Best wishes.

selindge steam & country show 2013/25/27 may
Hello Kuchina,
Thanks for such a wonderful display. I have never seen so many manoevers done with one horse, no whip, no spurs just love and patience.
Thank you and your daughter so much for the display that made attending this event so worthwhile and enjoyable.
It was the main subject of conversation on the way home.
regards robert oliver